Southeast Asia is a region that is attracting more and more business and tourists. The economic success of this highly populated region has meant that countries like Malaysia are no longer known for their poverty, but for their recently amassed wealth. Businesspersons coming to Malaysia need to be well looked after, in a high-quality hotel, providing different services.

In this article, we point out three services that are considered indispensable for a hotel in Malaysia, particularly in the city of Johor Bahru.

1. Translation Service

The official language of Malaysia is Malaysian, a standard and regular version of Malay, which was established as a national language, with a Latin alphabet, back in 1967. However, there are many regional languages in Malaysia, making Malaysian a “lingua franca”.

Furthermore, having been a British colony, English is very important. Hence the business hotel should provide a trustworthy translation service between Malaysian and other languages. The proximity of Johor Bahru to Singapore makes English an even more important language, but translations between national and foreign languages can be a great opportunity for a hotel.

2. Conference Rooms

Businesspersons go to Malaysia to do business. Many of them conference rooms of various shapes and sizes to be able to host meetings and events in comfortable manner. Hotels in Malaysia and especially in Johor Bahru that aim to host businesspersons should have different spaces that can ideally accommodate any sort of meetings and events.

3. Staff With Financial Knowledge

It is always an added value that the hotel employees are aware of the businesspersons’s work. This helps creating a personal relationship and an overall atmosphere of excellent service. That is why the hotel staff must have basic knowledge about companies and the economic activity of the area, to be able to deal with any problem that may arise.