Are you searching for a gateway destination? There is no better place to visit, like Johor Bahru. Whether it is a one-day trip or several days’ vacation, the city has many attraction sites for you. Furthermore, you can learn Malaysia’s history and culture from historic and cultural sites dating back to the British colonial period.

Like most towns and cities in Malaysia, Bahru has many restaurants and hotels offering local cuisines, drinks, and bedding services. Moreover, you can get delicious meals and other hotel services at an affordable price. Promotions offered in various hotels make dinning and bedding cheap. Herewith are some of the hotels with awesome promotions.

Aseania Beach Resort in Besar Island

Johoreans Mersing is an attraction point that you should consider when planning short vacations. The good news about this place is that Aseania Resort has an awesome offer for you. The ‘Buy now and travel later’ promotion can help you plan a future trip to Malaysia. The promotion has been on since July and will last until the end of the year 2021.

Sari Pacifica Spa and Resort

If you are searching for beach resorts for your holiday, Sari Pacifica is the right place in Johor Bahru. The hotel has excellent services that you can now enjoy at a cheap price. For example, you can use the free Wi-Fi provided to learn more about FxExplained best trading platforms through the internet. The resort is offering a ‘Buy now travel later’ discount. The promotion lasts till the end of 2021. Book with Sari Pacifica resort and enjoy the sea’s beautiful views at a cheap rate.

Hard Rock in Desaru Coast

If you are planning your next gateway, Hard Rock has numerous promos for you. This facility provides a hard rock experience to its guest. Furthermore, you and your kids can enjoy friendly amenities at an affordable rate. You can book a stay for as low as RM429+ for a night.