Few things have been as hard on the MICE industry as the Covid-19 pandemic. The spread of this disease has meant that public and mass events have had to be suspended around the world, even more so if these involved the travel of many people from different countries. Malaysia has been no exception, and the country has had to suspend all mass events for many months.

The city of Johor Bahru has hosted all kinds of international meetings and conventions for decades, but 2020 has been a hard stop, even for the Persada Johor International Convention Centre, which is the largest in the city. However, the reopening of the MICE industry is just beginning, and this convention centre is also included in this process.

New Events, New Biosafety Measures

The fact that new events are beginning to take place at the Persada Johor International Convention Centre step by step does not mean that the place is returning to the previous reality. This convention centre has taken strict measures that reduce the capacity of guests, maintain social distance, and force the use of masks. All of this is done to protect those who attend the event, and thus take care of everyone’s health.

Variety in the Organisation of Events

The Persada Johor International Convention Centre is known for its ability to host large international conventions with thousands of guests. However, it is also a venue for large weddings and medium-sized meetings, ideal for a smaller, regional audience.

With the reopening, small events have stood out the most. In September, a home fair was organised, and then another one called Megahome took place. Also, meetings and training related to customer service have been held. These events are ideal because the convention centre can accommodate a medium number of people in a large space, with the compliance of the safety distance.