In big cities, there are plenty of hotels. Johor Bahru is Malaysia’s second-largest city, and its metropolitan area is home to at least 1.8 million inhabitants. Its proximity to Singapore has made Johor Bahru develop rapidly and in a versatile way, which has also generated great growth in industry and business. For that reason, Johor Bahru needs more hotels designed for the business public, and that is why there is Grand Blue Wave.

We are a hotel aimed at offering the best service to all business people visiting Johor Bahru, as well as families and couples who decide to visit this part of Malaysia for tourism. In the hotel, we offer different translation and conference services, ideal for all businesspersons who come to Johor Bahru to work. If you want to know more, just write to us through one of our contact ways.

Importance to Trading

At Grand Blue Wave, we are aware of the importance of forex trading and the millions of workers who are in this business around the world. Therefore, this hotel has strived to be a friendly and safe space for traders. If you are interested in doing events or business with traders, you can contact us because Grand Blue Wave is an ideal place.

Contact Us

There are different ways to contact us to learn more about Grand Blue Wave. E-mail is one of them and also by phone. Most requests and concerns can be answered through email to give customers the best service.

In the different ways of contacting us, there are staff in charge who are trained to give answers to all the doubts and questions that the clients may have. Grand Blue Wave is a hotel with the best experience in Johor Bahru, one of the biggest, beautiful, and important cities of Malaysia and all Southeast Asia.