Johor Bahru is big, wide, modern, multicultural, multiethnic, cosmopolitan, and beautiful. This city is an indispensable place to know if you are in

Malaysia or Southeast Asia in general. But to have a great experience, either for business or tourism, you need a good hotel, which can provide all kinds of services and knows the city well. Grand Blue Wave is the solution to those concerns.

A quality hotel that focuses on the public, dedicated to business and especially trading, with a strong commitment to Johor Bahru and all Malaysia; that is Grand Blue Wave, a hotel managed by professionals for professionals, offering the best service to companies and businesspersons.

Relationship with City Events

Johor Bahru does not rest. This city hosts events everywhere, of any kind of industry, all year. The MICE industry in this city is stable. At Grand Blue Wave, we are aware of that, and that is why we dedicate so much space on the website to talk about the upcoming events and conventions to be held in the city. Businesspersons coming to Johor Bahru will not be able to miss the opportunity to stay at Grand Blue Wave.

Links to Forex Trading

The other passion that drives us at Grand Blue Wave is forex trading. We like to attract, contact, and host forex trading experts and also organize forex trading events in Johor Bahru. At our hotel, we understand the importance of this sector. We want to take it into account for our business, to build a better Malaysia.